Hair Extensions at Rick Roberts Salon in Beverley

Hair Volume & Lengthening 

Remi Hair Extensions

Xen Luxurious -  pre bonded

Full Head          Half Head

18"      £360     £220

20"     £450     £250

Remi Luxurious - 1gram Micro ring

Full Head 

14"      £280

18"      £330

20"     £410

Luxury Balmain Hair - Includes a 6 month guarantee.

Double Hair 40cm prices start from £500 (can be used again and again).

 Express Refit for double hair £40.

Full/Half Head single pre bonded 16”-18” -  Price by Consultation

Extension Removal £40 per hour.

Nano Rings - 

They are the latest in extension application development and conveniently require no heat or glue, making them an easy and affordable option for those seeking a more authentic-looking hair extension. Also, the nano ring is up to 90% smaller and much more discreet than other ring systems. 

Full Head 

14"                £300

18"                £350

20"               £420

Rick Roberts Hair Extensions

Do you want to volumise your fine hair or lengthen to create red carpet hair?

We use 100 % Human Hair which is super thick and luxurious. The hair is multi tonal to give a natural look which we think is essential!

We use the finest quality human hair extensions, which we personally cut as we feel it's a vital process for natural looking hair extensions with a seamless finish.

Our extensions include the exclusive Balmain Systeme Volume which is five times faster than traditional bonding systems.  Great for adding volume to fine hair in just 30 Minutes!  

We realise everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to their hair. We offer various methods in order for you to find the one that suits your hair and lifestyle. We also have a range of gorgeous instant extension pieces to transform your hair in minutes!

FREE Consultation to book call 01482 872009.

Please check out some of our transformations below.


Now introducing Balmain Systeme Volume - Volumise in 30 Minutes!

25 cm2 Slices - £30        4 Slices - £60 

40cm 4 Slices - £75        4 Slices - £150

Check out the transformation below -